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ID101 Auwalu Musa An Empirical Assessment of the Relationship between Financial Ratios on Investment Decision: A Case of Nigerian Telecom Industry
ID 112 Zakaria Yakubu, Loganathan Nanthakumar, Asan Ali Gollam Hassana  Financial Development and Liberalization, Trade Openness and Continue Economic Growth in Nigeria using Combined Cointegration Analysis
ID 113 Ihyaul Ulum, Oky Bon Amarullah, Eny Suprapti The Mediating Effect of Financial Performance on Intellectual Capital Performance and Intellectual Capital Disclosure in the Indonesian Islamic Banking
ID 114 Maadi Bakor Omar, Azhar B Abdul Rahman Factors Influencing Corporate Governance Disclosures: Evidence From Saudi Listed Companies
ID 117 Babatunji Adedeji, Tze San Ong, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Corporate Governance and Non-Financial Performance of Medium-Sized Firms in Nigeria: A CB-Sem Approach

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